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Zeiss 'individual' lenses--I want to SCREAM!

13 years ago

I just got these today and they absolutely STINK. Just warning people. I can look at something, a webpage, say, and the left half of it will be clear and the right half of it, the same distance away, not moving my head at all, will be BLURRY! Oh yes, such great "individual" fit. They make me SICK. Can you all tell I'm upset? And I've paid for them already, and they're quite expensive, which means the optometrists are going to be "difficult" wrt getting a refund. These lenses are too gimmicky by half, IMO. Don't bother with them. If I can save one person this irritation I've suffered, I won't have posted in vain.

Back to my scratchy old glasses until it's time to go to bed and have nightmares about obnoxious optometrists who want to hold on to their money for a completely useless product. :( I really don't need another fight.

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