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Help!!.baby mouse found in laundry room, laundry now piling up:)

13 years ago

I recently moved and was relieved when I moved in that there were no signs of mice anywhere. Well this morning I found a baby mouse slowely making its way accross the laundry room floor. It was only about an inch long and its eyes were still closed. Not sure if it was having problems walking because it was so young or if it had fallen. My problem is mice freak me out!! I am a single mom with young boys so i am tackling this problem on my own. Obviously there is a mom and pop around somewhere that I guess I will have to try and catch with traps but what do I do about the babies because I am sure there are more nearby. I have yet to step foot in the laundry room since this morning (I'm still freaked) and do not even want to start looking for the nest. i'm not even sure where to look. Should I try and battle my fears and try to cope with this on my own or do I hire an exterminator?

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