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Reading Negatives About Netflix...?

10 years ago

OK, y'all helped me with connectivity on a new Blu-Ray at our vacation condo. (Our present guest -- there for his fifth 2-month stay) was able to get the Blu-Ray player registered with SONY for me after we got a new router from Hawaiian Tel.) I'd planned to open a Netflix account to use there and at home.

I had planned to buy a Blu-Ray for our home. I asked my DS if he'd help me. He said I could skip the Blu-Ray; use our existing DVD player for any discs; stream Netflix via our existing Wii.

Today I Googled Netflix and found a slew of complaints. I can't tell if these people can't get their movies due problems at Netflix or if their problems are with their own broadband providers.

Does Netflix have a (superior) competitor?

How long will people *need* a gizmo to play discs if everything gets streamed? Our books are all streamed now -- even from our library system. What are the arguments for/against buying a Blu-Ray player for our home?

Is there some hitch with streaming via a Wii or X-Box? Would a Blu-Ray or other device provide a superior connection?

At home we have a 40" Sony 1080. Will 'streamed' movies look as sharp as those played via a disc, whether Blu-Ray or not?

Sorry to keep bugging you. I only learn what to ask as I go along. (I remember when the 'latest thing' was watching black and white TV on a 7" screen.)

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