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Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels and more Squirrels

21 years ago

Help! I bought a house late last year. This Spring brought everything to life such as Squirrels. They are everywheres and are getting into everything. Two weeks ago, I scared several Squirrels out of my garage and promptly closed up the hole which was located in the front side of the garage where they were getting through. Well, this past weekend, I noticed several Squirrels running on the roof to the backside garage. Upon close inspection, I noticed a large 3 to 4 inch hole that was chewed through sofit area. This is a new hole. Now I got a nest of these Squirrels in my garage.

Luckily, they are not in the house as of yet, but there is strong evidence that they did nest in the attic sometime in the past. The previous owner must have closed up any entry points. I think it's a matter of time before they make a new entry point into the house.

I don't believe in killing these Squirrels since in general they are neat little things, but now I consider them as Tree Rats. I'm sure if I scared them out again, they will chew a new hole into the garage or the house.

Yesterday, I bought Rat poison at Home Depot. I know it will kill them since several years ago my father used it in his attic to get rid of mice/rats only to find out his problem was Squirrels. It did such a great job, none of the friendly Squirrels that my mother feed lived. They all died.

I am one step away from setting up the poison. Trapping is not practical since there are too many of these Tree Rats in my yard and I don't have a cat. Please email me at if you have a sure shot solution of getting these Tree Rats out of my garage so I can patch their new hole and how to deal with them letter on. I can garentee anyone if any of these Tree Rats get into my house, it will be full war on these rodents.



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