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magnavox CRT socket pcb

16 years ago

Magnavox 19 inch combo tv/vcr model mc192dmg01. Kids pulled rear RF cable connector out of tuner module. During repair, TV tipped over and broke the darn crt socket pcb in half! Yes, i can take the time to repair the whole board but if anyone has an idea of a source for a populated replacement board (minus the wiring harness would be nice) I would be grateful. An illustrated parts breakdown/list would be nice too. Magnavox web site and Consumer Service a Total WASTE of time. Spent a half hour on the phone with them only to be told by some barely comprehensible malaysian sounding person that they only have remotes and line cords listed in their repair parts database for that TV. They suggested I try Philips web site. I did and they don't even list that TV. Blind leading the blind. What a joke. I found a service manual listed on a chinese web site for 12.00 but I didn't trust sending them my MC card# ( english version). I found a stateside service manual site ( but they didn't have it without a special order request and almost every manual they listed was about $24.00. I found the tuner module part number on an online site for $35.00 if it was the right one(#b8095ap). I can't imagine what the pcb would cost aftermarket. I haven't placed any orders yet. A $220.00 TV almost isn't worth the effort. Any suggestions?