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Who is the Quintessential 70's Hunk?

10 years ago

My sister and I were debating this yesterday--who is the most 1970's of 1970's handsome celebrities?

You know how the hunk of one era isn't in another, and some actors seem to represent the distilled essence of what was considered appealing in their particular heydey, but ten or twenty years later would just be considered 'okay'?
In my mind, when I think of what was considered handsome in the 1970's, I think of Grant Goodeve, who played the older brother in "Eight is Enough". He's not my cup of tea, necessarily, but he typifies what 1970's hunkiness was all about--lots of good hair, very regular features, kind of an earnest look.

Whereas James Spader says "80's" to me--still gotta have good hair, but a more feminine face and zero earnestness.

So, who says "1970's handsome" to you?

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