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RECIPE: need a recipe for a Sponge cake

18 years ago

making a birthday cake (gonna try that set of books I got for Christmas) and try this cake really cute calls for a sponge I need a recipe. What is the difference in Sponge cake and Angel food? Its for my 2 year old granddaughter The cake is round frosted with whipping cream and green coconut so that it looks like a bank in the center is jello with a duck floating on it and the bank is decorated with "marshmellow" flowers (flatten and cut to look like big flowers) has a frog sitting near by really cute think instead of cutting a duck from the medium they suggested I'll use a bath tub ducky they are small the frog not sure never used "sugarpaste icing" before (the books are published in London) and some of the terms are some what different. What is a Flan pan? I only know the term flan as a mexican dessert. Hopefully some of you that helped out when I was asking about the terms before will see this and also respond.

Thanks again


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