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LOOKING for: What to make with silicone Heart mold?

Not sure what possessed me but I picked up a red silicone heart mold at the craft store. Now I donÂt know what to make in it. It has 6 sections like a muffin tin. I guess I was thinking of surprising husband and daughter with heart-shaped muffins on ValentineÂs Day morning. Cute little pineapple upside-down cakes? I could cut the pineapple rings to fit. But IÂm thinking now that the raising of muffins or cupcakes may make whatever I put in these heart shapes kind of shapeless. Not sure if thatÂs true or not. What else could I do? I usually make some kind of fabulous dessert for ValentineÂs Day but the emphasis is on taste, not decoration or appearance.

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