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What do you think of this idea for a solatube?

13 years ago

The look I am going for in my home is old world or European.

I am trying to provide light for my upstairs hallway and family room. In doing so I am going to put in a Solatube right at the top of the stairs 14" but they are rather contemporary looking. My thought was to purchase a light fixture that was 14", a dome iron of some sort. Take out the glass that would be in the dome and cover the solatube with it. What do you guys think. Enough of a disguise to make it passable? Maybe I could find one that had etched glass of some kind in the dome so that it was clear but would cover the solatube without losing light. Need some of your clever feedback.

P.S. Don't say put in a skylight, the shaft would be to long and not look attractive at all where I would need it.

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