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Ranges with ovens in the lower drawer

13 years ago

I ordered and Electrolux free standing induction range with a large size upper oven plus a small oven in the lower drawer. It will take about 2-3 weeks for shipping to the store and then delivery.

The lower drawer is supposed to be a real oven and not just a warming drawer or broiler.

Does here anyone own a range with a similar layout? Do you find it too awkward to bend down and use the lower oven because it's by the floor? Does that oven work as well as expected? The oven is a new model, so I can't find many reviews and they are usually 100% focused on the cooktop part of the range.

I want to avoid getting a toaster oven since space counter space is already limited after getting a countertop microwave and I have to keep some counter space clear for a work area.

I could try to return the new microwave I purchased and exchange it for a combo convection oven or I could get a toaster oven and get rid of the dish drain rack on the counter and go to 100% dishwasher use (still have pots and other things that need hand washing though) or I could live with the lower oven if it actually works really well and preheats quickly. I bought a new Breville 2 slice toaster at the same time with the microwave and have opened it and made toast, so it cannot be returned. That will be money down the drain if I get a toaster oven.

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