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Exterior View of all ultrex vs wood-utrex window?

10 years ago

If we use one all-ultrex window on front elevation will the exterior of this window look the same as wood-ultrex Marvin Integrity window? Will the window stand-out or be noticeable on the front elevation when the other windows will be Integrity Wood/Ultrex double hing windows?

Our front elevation is all brick with all the windows being 6' 2" in height and with GBGs, ( Marvin integrity Wood-ultrex double-hung windows)(painted white interior and stone white exterior)

One of these windows will be in a guest bathroom in the front of the house, so it is integral to the front elevation look.

We would like to use an all-ultrex window in this bathroom so as not to worry about water/condensation issues.

This window will be 2'8" wide x 6'2" high with GBG.(white interior and exterior)

Will the All-ultrex double hung window exterior look the same as the wood/ultrex double hung exterior when viewing the the front elevation from the driveway or street?


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