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Why I feel good about a 4 burner range

15 years ago

I thought long and hard on this--when I started our kitchen adventure I was sure I wanted a 6 burner range. Why? Because it had two more burners!

But then I cooked for the extended family last Christmas on our old range. I didn't need more than 4 burners, not even a little. So for me, I couldn't justify it.

Then, when we started our project this fall, we bought a 2-burner Waring Professional hot plate for our makeshift dining room kitchen. It occured to me that if I ever do need six burners, I can pull out the old hot plate. It's likely I'd only need the extras for a simmer or other simple cooking, so that would work. I save the $1000 or so for upgrading from 4 to 6 burners, I get a smaller oven that should preheat quicker (and since it's the BlueStar still has more room than I'll ever need), and overall better kitchen space (yes, that 6 inches of countertop makes a difference.)

It's certainly something to think about. I'm sure there are some of you who have large families or do enough cooking that 6 or more burners is worth it. But there's probably a lot of people like me who are thinking of it and for the number of times they need it can make do with a portable burner of some kind.

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