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Induction cookware questions & Sears Range review

15 years ago

I posted this over on Kitchens but from what I've seen this forum seems to have more induction-savvy folks so...

So I know I need pans with a flat magnetic bottom for my induction cooktop. I'm just a little confused, though because the pan that came with my range and that is marked as induction-compatible has an aluminum core. The outside part is stainless, though. My question is, will my copper-core stainless pans work well? Or is it just that these will work OK but they are not as good as having an all magnetic material bottom?

Second question:

I want a wok and I have Christmas money. Someone here in appliances mentioned that there was a wok made for induction units that had a flat base but was curved properly inside. I think it was a cast iron one. I've done some googling and no luck finding such a thing. Anyone have any ideas?

BTW, for the curious, I have the new(ish) Kenmore Elite induction range. So far I'm very happy with it. There's a few little design things I have to get used to but generally it appears to be working well. Today is the first full day of use and it is getting a serious workout (proofing bread in the warming drawer, making stock and applesauce on the cooktop and now baking bread in the convection oven).


Here is a link that might be useful: A little photo essay from my first meal

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