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Deciding on gas rangetop brand...please help!

10 years ago

Hi, my husband and I are getting ready to do an extensive remodel of our home which includes a brand new "dream kitchen".

We have visited a few appliance showrooms over the last couple of weeks and thought we had nailed our choices down. However, we came across some info on the rangetop that now has us rethinking that decision.

Originally, we were going with a a Kitchenaid 36" rangetop (Model #KGCU463VSS) that has 4 burners and the center griddle. We also considered the equivalent Jenn-air 36" rangetop as well but was choosing Kitchenaid because of price point. I will point out that we saw a Viking rangetop that really caught my husband's eye, but the price difference seemed unjustifiable at the time.

Also, we will likely go with the same brand double oven w/convection in whatever brand we choose for the rangetop.

This weekend, however, we found that the griddles on both the Kitchenaid and the Jenn-Air are electric, which has really concerned us considering that the sales reps at two different showrooms failed to bring this to our attention and now we feel like we were misled.

I guess my questions really are:

1) Is having an electric griddle vs. a gas one a game changer if you plan on using it extensively (for fish, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, etc.)? Is there a benefit to having an electric one?

2) Is the price difference for the Viking ($1500+ add'l) worth it?

3) What are your opinions/experience with all of these brands? Please use first-hand experience vs. second or third hand?

4) Is the price difference for a 48" rangetop with a double griddle and 4 burners worth it?

Thanks so much!!

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