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Craft show price: 15% What do you think?

12 years ago


I just got some information about a craft show in a nearby wealthy college and retirement town. They say they have been doing the show for 20 years, but I have never attended. Turns out it is on a Friday, when I would have been working in the past so that explains why I never went.

The space is 8 ft wide by approx 6 ft deep. They have some 8 ft tables you can reserve first come. (Small space and designed to be endless lines of tables apparently.)

The price is 15% of your sales, with $25 down. At first it seems like a good deal since they share the risk. But that would be $30 on just $200 in sales $60 on $400 in sales etc. It seems a little steep to me. What do you all think?

I'm thinking maybe I'll attend this year to check it out(since I have a flexible schedule and only work part time right now), and consider it for next year.


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