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Finding a dishwasher with smaller than standard height?

16 years ago

Can anyone point me to a place where one can purchase (hopefully for a reasonable price) a built-in dishwasher that is shorter than the average? We need to install one in a space where there is only about 31"-32" available height.

(This is because in our house we have a kitchen with an beautiful old porcelain farm-type sink -- wide, with a grooved draining areas on either side of the sink. These "wings" are only about 31-32" off the ground, and any dishwasher would have to be installed under one of them. Raising the sink up by installing longer pipes and so forth won't work because the back of the sink is about 12" high and directly abuts the base of the cabinets on the wall where the sink is--to raise the sink, one would have to install new cabinets too.)

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