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Another floorplan (Studio/Garage apartment) for comments, please

12 years ago

Though I lurk here often, and am always mentally reviewing others' floorplans, I've not posted here (usually over in cooking). We're in the planning stages of building a 2+ car garage with a studio/apartment above the garage. It's a much more modest build than many of you have discussed, but I'd appreciate all your input. It has not yet been through any professional design phase. It's my own layout while thinking through how we'll use the space.

A bit of background:

- The lot is zoned for 2 units, we live in the house in front now.

- Although the unit could be rented out if need be, it is not our plan to do so.

- Studio/1 br units are common in our neighborhood and desirable for rental (lots of singles/artists looking for live/work space).

- This is approximately the maximum footprint we can have on the lot.

- Primarily it will be used for my office/studio, with occasional use by visiting family/friends.

- In the garage area below, there will be a music studio in the east half of the space with a half bath.

- There is a very large ocean view directly to the east and to the south, looking over our back yard and one-story roof.

- The view toward the southeast corner (where the coat closet is) is directly at an ugly 2-story house next door.

- On the north side, there is the alley with an apartment building on the other side, so windows on that side will be for ventilation only (most likely awning style).

- On the west side, there is a large 3-unit townhome, so awning windows would be used only where necessary.

- I envision a shed roof with large overhangs that would cover over the external stairway and deck.

- Due to zoning restrictions, and to make the most of the available space without taking up too much yard, the studio will be cantilevered over the driveway apron by about 4 feet.

- The entrance to the lower music studio will be directly below the entrance to the upper level studio.

- The area that is designated as Office/Bedroom is my main work area, but I envision after retiring, that it could become a sleeping alcove with sliding barn doors as well.

- The wall behind the sofa serves a few purposes: it is a place to hide away the sliding barn-style doors; it gave me a way to separate/hide the door to the bathroom so that it doesn't open up directly to the living or kitchen spaces; and I hoped to give the space a bit of definition, yet be very open.

- I envision an open beam ceiling, sloping from North (lowest) to South (highest point), possible with solar panels on the roof.

- We live in a mild climate with steady ocean breezes. It rarely gets above 85 degrees or below 50 degrees.

- The space for the range and refrigerator are for apartment size units.

That's about all the background I can think of...

Thanks in advance!

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