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Range hoods under cabinet Vent a hood vs Kobe

10 years ago

Hi I am looking now to do the vent hood over my GE Cafe dual fuel range I just ordered. I am looking at Kobe I like the looks a lot and the price. I have read though they are hard to install . We would hire someone but this is a small area so I hope the installer would know how to do the Kobe. They talk about on about having to drill new holes in the stainless as it does not like up and other pain in the butt issues with the install. My other choice is Vent a Hood . I had a vent a hood over a Wolf cooktop in last house that was a liner inside wood hood. What a pain it was to clean. Not so much the first part but the squirel cage part was very hard to get up there and degrease that . I did like how it worked though . I must also say I think I let it go a tad to long between cleanings. I do like the Kobe has led lights and the Vent a hood does not . The price is about two hundred more for the Vent a hood.Does anyone have a Kobe ? If so do you like it ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the Kobe I like has , steel baffles that come out to clean.

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