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Counter-depth 30" fridge with ice maker?

9 years ago

We have a galley kitchen. The aisle is only 41". We had to get a fridge in kind of a hurry about a year ago. The fridge is fine we are just finally to the point of looking at updating the kitchen. Thinking of refacing the cabinets rather than completely gutting it. I would really like to find a counter-depth fridge to fit in the space that we have. It is at the end of the kitchen so the space is up against a wall which limits the space to have room to open the door. So something approx 30" wide is what would fit and still have room to open the door.

Since the aisle is not very wide, would really like to stick to a truly counter-depth fridge--some of the ones I look at are still 28" deep, I want one that is 24" deep plus the doors :)

I was thinking the Summit FFBF285SS would maybe be a good option. The nice thing about that one is I could get it through our local Home Depot and the price didn't seem bad either, but then realized it's been nice to have an internal ice maker. They make the FFBF285SSIM but Home Depot doesn't carry that one :(

Any other options out there that don't cost and arm and a leg? This is not my "forever" house so don't want to (and can't really afford to) go overboard on the fridge.


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