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GE Profile Refrigerator Noise

10 years ago

Hi, recently purchased a set of new GE profile appliances. Dishwasher and microwave are top notch. The profile french door fridge is amazing...but NOISY (caps for emphasis). As in, runs almost 24/7 and you can hear throughout the house. GE has been trying to help, but the "noise kit" they installed didn't help at all and even amplified the sound. Smartphone app decibel reading is 72! I don't want to give up the fridge, but can't live with the noise. And, this is a noisy house to begin with not exactly a library.

I've got another tech coming next week and have a couple of proposed fixes if they come up empty. But this likely comes down to getting another of same model or new GE fridge. We don't need super quiet, just need something we don't need the TV to drown out. So my questions are:
1) I know from other reviews this fridge is considered noisy - but 72 db?? Do I have an especially noisy unit, or is this par for the course? Don't want another unit if it's more of the same.
2) What is considered the high end acceptable noise level for a fridge?
3) We're locked into a GE fridge whether this model or another? I've seen noise complaints about the Cafe too. Any GE French door fridges w/o the noise issue, or is this a design flaw across multiple lines?

Happy Holidays and thanks for your help.

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