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Stone bump out above porch?

11 years ago

I've learned so much from reading the posts here and one thing that has really stood out (among many) is that stone should at least appear to be somewhat structural in nature. My question is, would it ever make sense to have a stone bump out that is above a front porch then? I have talked to our contractor and he said structurally it can be done, but we're still unsure of it. We'd like to add some more stone to the house if possible, but are questioning if there really is any other place that would make sense to. The area in question on this photo is around the round window in the front, middle bumpout. Right now we have shake siding in the peaks, board and batten on the body, and stone on the front of the garage, around the front door b1ump out, and on all 9 columns. If you would do stone, would you do it all the way up the peak? Or stop it where the trim line is and leave shake siding in the peak? What would you do with the bump out to the left then? Leave it as-is or do it in all shake siding or something? Any ideas or thoughts would be awesome. Thanks!

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