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New floor plan ready for review

10 years ago

Hello GW

I would love feedback on the following plans to help me with my troubled spots. We are a family of 4 in FL (wife & 2 young boys).

Here are my comments:

The plan has to come down to 2800 sqft (currently at 3150)

~ Move closet in media room to the north wall and have it eat into the family room

~ Lockers need to be adjusted (I don't think he knew what I meant when I said lockers)

~ Dont necessarily like the layout of the kitchen. We do not want anything in the island (no stove)

~Wife would like to have a double oven somewhere

~ No formal dining room so the space below the kitchen is the dining area. I don't really like the pantry in that area as it would probably cramp the person who would be sitting the chair closest to it. Thinking about making it into a builtin of some sort.

2nd Floor

~ Wife would like a space to sit and do makeup in the bathroom so we are thinking of eliminating the linen closet and extending the counter so she would have a sit-down area to primp

~ The shower will be a walk around shower so we might have to slide down the water closet and eat some of her closet space up.

~ Weird closet space by the stairway

~ The bonus area will only be floored and allow for storage.

Please let me know what you guys think!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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