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Am I the only one who doesn't like hidden controls on diswashers?

16 years ago

I like to see where a dishwasher is in its cycle, particularly now that they are so blisfully quiet. That played out yesterday when I was looking at a Miele with hidden controls and inadvertently started it. When I went back to the Miele after seeing an Asko (which has all but stopped making dishwashers with front-mounted controls) and opened it I got sprayed. Yes, it had an indicator light (which was on), but it might as well not have as it was all but invisible to me.

I guess I just don't understand the obsession with hiding kitchen appliances. Doing so does nothing to improve their functionality for me, and that's what I believe should be their primary objective. Sure, looking good is important, but I won't sacrifice function for appearance. And why hide a dishwasher when a range or sink is right out there for everyone to see?

I still like the Miele's cutlery tray (its cutlery basket also appears to be a cut above), especially the new split version. Choosing Miele would be a slam dunk if there were factory service in our area, as there is for Asko.

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