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Member Ideas Appreciated on Final House Plan

9 years ago

Hi I am new to posting, and would appreciate any suggestions or advice on the following plan that I have been working on. I have been reading this forum for the past year and have found a lot of respectful and knowledgeable ideas from the forum members.

I found a plan I liked, and have made over 18 revisions to get to this point and am looking for any better ideas or amendments this plan could benefit from.

Some general information:
-Family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children
-building in Saskatchewan, Canada
-building on a slab, no basement, 1 level
-heated by in-floor radiant heat, and complementary heating by woodstove situated inside traditional fireplace hearth- (found the idea from Houzz)
-looking to have minimal floor transitions
-all door ways to be 36� wide (I know my plan needs this updated)
-building 8ft walls rather than 9ft. Would like 9ft but will use money saved to put towards other speciality expensive wishes (like the fireplace/woodstove, going to have floor to ceiling stonework)
-incorporating lots of storage spaces as we don�t have a basement (which is not the norm where we live)
-trying to think/plan for the short term and long term futures, would like this to be our forever house
-would like to build for high energy efficiency

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