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FD Fridge - Distance from wall in order to get drawers out?

10 years ago

Hi all,

I've asked at the appliance stores and they haven't been helpful. I'm sure in varies from fridge to fridge, but even just a general rule of thumb would be helpful.

We are planning for a one foot broom closet between the fridge and the wall, but when I've been at the appliance store, it seems like you really have to crank open the doors in order to get the drawers out to clean. In fact, in many instances, I couldn't even open the doors far enough in the store b/c the fridge was too close to the one next to it.

I originally thought that one foot would be ample, but now it seems like it really won't be enough. We're planning for a 36" fridge, but I'm thinking off cutting back to 33". I'm not even sure that will help.

Any information or personal stories would be greatly appreciated!

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