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Crafty ones...I need advice!

16 years ago

I posted this on the Tole & deco painting forum as well. but need advice asap, as I'm going to paint this morning & am at a standstill as how to how to proceed. Can you help me?

I'm about done refinishing the 'princess like' head & footboard for my grandaughter's room. I painted it a cream color & did the fancy carvings in very soft baby pink & lavender latex. There are some areas of the carvings I want to accent with the liquid gold. My question is this:

I have used latex paint on the entire bed. The gold isn't water based. I am varnishing the entire set. Should I apply the gold first, then varnish or wait & put the gold on after the bed is varnished?? Since I'm brushing the water based varnish on-I can leave the areas bare (areas w/just the base cream color) where I want to apply the gold. Seems like I feel there might be a chemical reaction if I apply the gold & then varnish. Any suggestions?

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