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Question or those of you who use a gas Infrared oven broiler

11 years ago


Really glad I learned about the infrared broiler in AG ovens, before deciding on my new range. I'll finally place my range order today or Monday for either Wolf or Viking 36" AG open burner.

I have a couple of questions.

I cook fish (everything from cod and halibut to thick sea bass and tuna steaks) very often, on a cast iron pan on the stove. I heat the dry pan for a few minutes on high first, sear the fish, turn it down to med or med high, flip once, and voila, it turns out perfect every time.

But it creates a lot of smoke (plus my hood vent system desperately needs replacement).

My questions are:

Is charbroiling as "smoky" of a process as searing and then cooking a piece fish (or steak)?

How quickly does your broiler heat up? Is it practically instant, or is there a wait time?

Finally, if anyone has experience with Wolf vs Viking AG infrared charbroiler (or open burners) that would be helpful.


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