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GE Monogram Range Hood, 2 of 4 lights don't work

10 years ago

We have a GE Monogram ZV950S D2SS range hood. It has 4 halogen lights, 2 on each side.

A few days ago the front right light burnt out (20W MR16). It was replaced by a helpful family member staying with us. A few days later, both right lights went out, but this time they won't come back on even with new bulbs.

It turns out the visitor found a box of MR16s in the closet and thought they were the same, but they're 50W bulbs, not 20W.

Question is, if both lights are out and not responding to new bulbs, is there a PCB that controls the right lights separate from the left and would the 50W bulb used for a few days possibly have fried the PCB? And if so, how hard a repair is it?


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