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need a 60" vent hood for range AND blower for a commercial hood.

9 years ago

I bought a used 60" all gas range for our new house...a Dynasty (aka Jade). 6 burners and a 24" griddle on top, two convection ovens. Looking for a decent vent hood that won't break the bank and that will clear the air when I need it to. I'm the only cook in the house, so it'll only be one person stir-frying or whatever. How many CFM would you folks recommend? Suggestions? Proline? ALSO, when we bought the range, a hood came with it that we're not installing in the house for aesthetic reasons. We'll install it over our bbq/side burner/griddle which will be in a covered porch area. It's huge (6' long) and very industrial looking because it came out of a commercial setting (food processing plant). The hood is just the hood with baffles and a rectangular chimney, and I need to buy a blower (remote) that will work with it. Ideas? Recommended CFMs for this application? THANKS!

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