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Need EASY idea: to add color to wood table/chairs

13 years ago

We have a kitchen table/4 chairs & 2 benches we bought about 12 years ago from a place like Walmart...blond wood top (will ignore for now)....but the sides/legs are painted white (factory)....

I don't want to invest a lot of $ or time in this basic furniture, but I was hoping that there might be an EASY way to ADD COLOR (greens, blues & some yellow)...

I don't there any kind of paint or easy stenciling (not cheesy either) that can be done to the white without having to sand it all, etc.?

I obviously don't do a lot of crafts...don't have time & not good at huge complicated projects...

I had originally hoped to just take the pieces out on my deck and paint the spindle type legs with the extra latex paint I did the kitchen and halls in, but guess I would have to first SAND everything, then PRIME, then paint?

Are there any stencils or rubber stamps etc. or paints available at my local AC Moore craft store that I could EASILY just paint on?

I hope I'm not asking for too much! We have friends coming from far away in a month, and I am doing other house & garden projects, plus a fulltime job, so don't have a lot of time...but I LOVE color and was hoping I could do SOMETHING artistic & NOT "cheesy!"

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