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Green Glue between DensGlass and plywood

14 years ago

I've posted to this forum before about soundproofing a home I am building right next to a freeway. I think some people here have had experience with Green Glue. My question... is applying Green Glue between 1/2" plywood exterior sheething and DensGlass for stucco just as effective as applying it between two sheets of 5/8" drywall? I'm looking at adding the Green Glue as stated and then using one sheet of 5/8" QuietRock product for the interior wall. I would think applying GG to the exterior wall system would be more effective because other than windows, there are no other "holes" between the two materials that are sandwiching the GG. Drywall turns into swiss cheese once you add in all the electrical outlets, low voltage outlets (phone, cable, etc), and light switches. However, the exterior sheething and DensGlass are uninterrupted without any penetrations other than the windows.

I called Green Glue and a technical rep was supposed to get back to me but never did. Hence my post here. Any feedback is appreciated.

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