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Please help me decide on 27' convection ovens and 30' gas cooktop

16 years ago

Every time I think I've made up my mind, I read something negative about what I'm about to buy.

1. 27" double wall ovens (one or both will be convection):

I saw the Kitchenaid and was very impressed with the interior space and it had a full extension bottom rack. However, I"ve read negative comments about problems with top element getting hot during baking, causing tops of cakes, etc., to burn or become over-dry. I am a big baker and don't want that problem! Also - heard there was an issue with fuses blowing while self-cleaning? Do any of you love your Kitchenaid ovens (my current oven is Kitchenaid and I have always liked it)? I also looked at Bosch, though Consumer Reports doesn't like it. Please give recs/comments re your personal experiences.

2. 30" gas cooktop. Was all set to order a Wolfe. Am now worrying that there won't be enough room to use a big pasta pot and large saute pan at the same time, since the burners are all close to each other. I have a 20-year-old gas cooktop now. The left burners are separated from the right burners by about 10", so I can use two big pans at the same time, except that all but one of the burners are too small. I've seen specs on GE Monogram (spacing of burners same as Wolfe). Do those of you who have 30" cooktops have a problem using two large pans? What do you recommend per your personal experience?

Needless to say, reliability is important. I also don't need a lot of bells and whistles I won't use, like the Miele oven's programmable cooking times. I am willing to spend the money if the item is really worth it, but also believe there are probably moderately priced appliances out there that perform just as well. P.S. I can't go to a large cooktop or wider oven because I don't want to alter my cabinets.

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