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Flush ceiling range hood (again)

9 years ago

Our kitchen island was built with a downdraft, which was useless. We finally ditched that range and installed another without the downdraft. So currently have nothing. Considering that we have had either useless downdraft or no vent for 20 years, we have found that our only real problem is occasional smoke setting off the alarms. We do not have problems with grease, humidity, or odor, so just want something to eliminate the smoke without opening the windows and turning on the attic fan :-0 Seems to us that a flush mount like the Futuro Skylight or Best Cirrus would do the trick, vented out through the wall less than 10' away.

Anyone have actual experience with either of these or any other solution that projects no more than 12" from ceiling over a standard four burner gas stove? Thanks!

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