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another questions about 27 inch gaggenau steam oven

14 years ago

I just won an ebay purcahse on this. I was reading that the door opens 180 degrees. However, I plan to install it next to a wall. How much clearance do I need if it it is next to a wall so that I can take the steam trays out? (I purchased the discontinued 27 inch combi steam, 231610. )

Also,, if you have know these item numbers, can you tell me if 231 corresponds to a right hinge or left hinge? The listing said "right", which someone on this forum said was right hinged. However, the ebay listing showed a left hinged unit (although in retrospect it might have been a standard picture not of the actual unit), and when I called, he confirmed that it was a left hinge unit. Does anyone know what the "610" stands for?

The unit I purchased has an aluminum finish. Would this look very wierd if doubled up with a stainless convection oven from another manufacturer? I have not been able to find the discontinued 27 inch gaggenau ovens anywhere.

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