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Problem w/install of wolf cooktop over electrolux wall oven

10 years ago

After months upon months of trying to pick out appliances for my new kitchen renovation, I decided to get a Wolf 30" gas cooktop over an Electrolux icon single wall oven.
(We can't install a wall oven in the wall because it would have left me with barely any counter space and I really didn't want a range.)
My KD went ahead and drew up the plans, and my appliance salesperson checked with his reps to make sure the combo would work. On my own, I went to review the installation instructions on the appliances and saw that the gas and electric hookups need to be put in adjacent cabinet areas.
I called my KD and after looking into it, she redid my layout and had to bump out the stove area 4" to accomodate the appliances so I wouldn't lose the depth in my cabinets (which I certainly would not want to lose). However, because the oven is about 28-1/2" high & requires to be 4-1/2" from floor, and the Wolf cooktop requires at least 5-1/2" depth over the oven, the math doesn't add up for a 36" counter. They've talked about taking away the toekick, but I certainly don't want my oven sitting on the floor! And to top it all off, this is an issue that I apparently will have with any cooktop over oven install.

If you look at showrooms and pictures on appliance websites, they show cooktops installed over ovens all the time, so I can't believe this is such a complicated issue.

PLEASE, has anyone out there ever installed a cooktop over a single oven? Did you have nightmarish installation issues. I'm just glad I discovered this BEFORE I've ordered any appliances.

If this is totally not doable, then I am looking at either the Wolf duel fuel LP range (30") or the GE Monogram Duel-Fuel. However, the GE Monogram will stick out quite a lot and I'm already tight on space. The Wolf is great on function, but I hate that their burners are so far inset from the edges of the stove. I refuse to get a stove that doesn't have telescoping oven racks, seald burners with simmer capability on at LEAST 2 burners, real metal knobs, convection bake mode,and a timer. Prefer proof mode too. Any other ideas?

Thanks GW members in advance for any help!

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