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30 inch Range top or 30 inch range + wall oven/ advantium

10 years ago

We are doing a kitchen makeover - Not moving any appliances around but upgrading appliances, painting cabinets, changing out hardware.
My current setup is a 30 inch cooktop with double wall ovens and an over the range microwave. I want to ditch the OTR microwave, get a more powerful cooktop (right now it only has two burners and a griddle that I have only used 2 or 3 times in two years). I wanted to upgrade to 36 inch cooktop but kitchen designer and husband are pushing to stick with 30 inch to avoid reworking cabinets. Yes adding in the range will require taking out the cabinet underneath but that should be minimal expense & cabinet is not used because it's currently a downdraft cooktop.
I'm having a hard time deciding between � a 30 in rangetop with a wall oven and an advantium or a 30 in range with a wall oven and a regular microwave. I have three small kids between the ages of two and seven so the microwave gets a lot of use- I like the idea of speed cooking but I don't like the idea of spending so much money on something and essentially using it more as a microwave. I worry the rangetop/ advantium/ wall oven combo will leave me feeling somewhat limited for large gatherings and big holidays.

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