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3 Defective GE Cafe Ranges in a row! Anyone else having problems?

16 years ago

Hi there, I have been lurking here for a while getting info and opinions while I decided on a new gas range and dishwasher. I appreciate how informative everyone on this forum has been. With that said, I would like to know if anyone else who has bought a GE CafRange has had any problems such as mine and possibly warn anyone interested in one of potential problems.

I purchased my range from Sears in October. My first one was delivered and much to my dismay, it was defective. The oven door was totally misaligned. It was so off, that the left side completely missed the rubber bumper when the door was closed. It came to rest on the inside edge of the bumper. The right side of the door over shot the oven on that side and the whole door was visibly unlevel. The bottom oven door was crooked and stuck out further on the left side than the right and wouldnÂt close as far on that side. Also, there were grinder marks in the stainless on the sides at the top. I know nothing is perfect anymore and I am not being overly picky here. Everyone who has seen it cannot believe how bad it is.

I called my salesperson and she told me to call Home Delivery and have another one ordered, which I did and I told them to check it before delivering. I received a call from them 2 days before delivery. The new one had the same exact defects as the the first one so they werenÂt even going to deliver it. At this point I was very leery of the range all together and actually emailed GE with my concerns. They ended up calling me and assuring me that there was not a problem with the manufacturing and that it just had to be a fluke that I had received two with the same defects. I should go ahead and try again. So I said a prayer and waited hopefully for the delivery.

They delivered it last night and guess whatÂthe exact same defects. The delivery man said he had the same thing happen with someone else and suggested I try a different range all together. He said if I ordered another GE Café, it would be the same.

I called GE Consumer Relations and while the lady was extremely nice, she basically said there was no problems with the manufacturing of the range that they knew of. I am supposedly the only complaint they have had and I would have to take it up with Sears. Then she kind of relented and told me what I really needed to do was write to the CEO and she gave me his name and address. I think I will. It really upsets me that GE hypes this range , charges $2500 for it, then apparently lets them leave the factory without a proper inspection to be sold to unsuspecting consumers.

There is no way that I am the only person this has happened to. That would just be too big of a coincidence. I really loved this range because of the center burner. If I knew for sure there are decent ones out there and I could get one, I would keep trying. I live in Ohio and I am wondering if the distribution center in Columbus just got a "bad batch."

Any other GE Café Range owners out there? Anyone have similar problems?

Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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