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Anyone build a Sater Home? What do you think?

13 years ago

Hello :) Hope this message finds you in great spirits! Thanks for reading..

I am totally taken by the Sater Vasari 8025 Homeplan.. However It looks really expensive despite the fact that us estimating that the build would cost about $285,000 on the low end.. I choose the lowend price because my husbands side is full of contractors, electricans, plumbers, etc.. However this plan looks awfully expensive to build.. $285 is the max that we could spent as the lot is $125,000 70x120 and our cut-off is $400,000 for the entire home.. Do you have any suggestions on cutting down so that this home wont go over $285 to build? I know the elevator is def out.. What are your thoughts..

I was thinking I could save with the synthetic stucco done by a pro..

Please tell me your thoughts..

here is the photo tour from another site..


Here is a link that might be useful: The Home Plan

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