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Fridge: Thermadore 36" FD integrated or Subzero 36" FD built in?

9 years ago

We are looking for a fridge for our kitchen remodel and we're looking at 36" built-in or integrated. There does not seem to be very many options out there and we're left with the two described above (Thermadore or Subzero). We prefer the look of French Door which further limits our options.

First, are there other fridge models we haven't considered that fit the criteria: (1) 36" (2) built-in/integrated and (3) french door w/ bottom freezer?

Second, of the two options I'm looking at, is there one clear winner? We are leaning towards a 36" wolf gas cooktop although we are also considering a 36" Thermadore. From my limited research, Thermadore seems "newer" and less established as a brand than the Subzero/Wolf.

Last, is it just me or are these "higher end" fridges limited in their interior organizational options? I am used to the Samsungs/LGs/Kenmore where the interior has split shelves (two shelves versus one long) that allows you to adjust the height of interior shelving. These "big box" fridge brands (e.g. Samsung, lg, kitchenaid) seem much more functional to me in their interior organization. Its a shame they don't offer the built-in or integrated look.

Thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

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