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Infrared Broiler Delayed Ignition

9 years ago

I recently purchased a pro style all gas range which includes an infrared broiler. I suspect the broiler is not igniting properly and wanted to get some feedback from others who have infrared broilers to see what is normal.

When I turn on the broiler the ignitor glows and then the gas valve opens (the sound of hissing natural gas can be heard). There is then a delay of approximately 15 seconds before the gas ignites. When it does ignite it results in a fireball. The whole kitchen then has the smell of natural gas (rotten eggs) until we air it out.

We called the manufacturer and had a warranty call where the technician told us that this is normal for an infrared broiler.

I thought I would solicit the experience and opinions of others who own ovens with infrared broilers before I call the manufacturer again. I do not buy that this is normal behaviour for a gas appliance.

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