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WANTED: Thank YouLakeGuy35 !!! I Love my Swapbox !!!

16 years ago

First I want to apologize for being so late in posting, expecially to LakeGuy35. As some of you know my sister-in-law has been sick with Cancer, and she died on Tuesday night. She is in peace now. It has been a very trying time for our family. I have also been trying to get my Camera fixed, but to no prevail. My daughter dropped it, and broke it in two. Time to buy a new one !!! I'm truly sorry LakeGuy35!!!

Well, I recieved my swapbox after I got home from work. I couldn't wait to open it. I was very excited to see that my Swap partner was LakeGuy35. I just loved everything that he sent to me!!!

  1. The local item is a pottery bowl by a local potter by the name of Yusuf Etudaiye, it's just beautiful. It has many uses, but I think I shall use it as a Fruit bowl, since it looks so good in my kitchen.

  2. The cookbook he sent to me is titled " A Baker's Tour by Nick Malgieri". LakeGuy guessed right, when he bought this cookbook for me, because one of my favorite pastimes is baking. The recipes in this cookbook look fantastic, and I can't wait to try some of them.

  3. The homemade item's are jar's of canned goods, that LakeGuy made this year.This was his first year canning, but you would never know it, by the looks of these jars. They look delicous!!! He included some of Annie's famous salsa, Diane's Apple Pie Jam, and the Habanera Gold Hot Pepper Jelly, that he learned to make at Canning camp. Can't wait to try them!!! Yum Yum !!!

I also recieved three magazine's from LakeGuy's hometown, which really made this package special. As I read them, it gave me a feeling of friendship from him. It was really interesting to learn about the State that he live's in. Even though I did know a little bit about it. Hey what can I say LakeGuy. I'm a big fan of "Garth Brooks" LOL

I just can't Thank you enough, for such a wonderful Swap Package!!! I will alway's cherish the things that you sent to me. Everytime that I look at that beautiful bowl, and bake a recipe from your cookbook, I will think of you!!! I know that you put alot of effort into it, and carefully thought of each item. Thank You once again !!!


P.S...Sorry no pic's, unless of course LakeGuy has some. Hint...hint...hint...LOL

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