help pls: entry door w adj closet - swing out? dummy sidelite

13 years ago

We're rebuilding the front of our house, and putting in new entry. What makes this complex is that on the inside there will be a 6' coat closet just to the left of the entry, so the door is offset, hinged on the left ... and when it swings in the door will block the left half of the closet.

Should we make the door swing out?

Swing-out would relieve the crush to get jackets & shoes as I take the kids to school -- and perhaps make it easier to put away things when the kids return (I hope). I see two potential problems though: it would make it harder to close the door on pesky solicitors. ... and I guess that visitors would have to step aside as we open the door.

Can I get some advice, please?

Second question: for symmetry we could put in a sidelite on the left of the door, (into the closet), perhaps sandblasting it so the clothes wouldn't show through. Since the door is largely opaque (Therma-Tru S6060) with wispy white glass, I think that it could work out well.

Thanks! I'd post a sketch, but haven't yet figured out how to do that.

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