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What Tools are need for cooking Gourmet Meals - - at beach rental

10 years ago

We own a vacation rental home at the beach that people rent for one week stays. Our rental company is going to start rating the houses from one star to five stars. To get the five star rating, one of the criteria is that the house have "tools for cooking gourmet meals".

My question to you all is ... at a minimum, what tools would you EXPECT to find in a house advertised as having tools for cooking gourmet meals ? We already have a very well stocked kitchen, much more than most of the other beach houses. But I want to make sure I am not overlooking anything.

We are very simple cooks and usually eat things fairly plain ... meat (baked fish, meat on grill, rotisserie chicken), with a vegetable or two usually from the freezer, and a carb of some sort (pasta, rice, potato). I wouldn't even begin to know what was considered "tools for cooking gourmet meals"!! I'm not talking about every possible little gadget that you may use once a year. Just a list of the necessary items to include ?

This is the main cookware set that we have, although we also have a few other pieces as well, primarily larger stock pots for crab boils etc. It's not the top of the line expensive cookware, but things get stolen from the house sometimes. We wanted nice cookware but not toooo nice, LOL. It is nicer than what is in the other houses that we have seen, although granted we haven't seen very many of them.

We also have a few nonstick pieces that have a lifetime warranty and are metal utensil safe

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