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More Negative re:Miele DW

15 years ago

My wife just called me at work to tell me that our replacement LaPerla (for our existing lemon LaPerla that had been leaking water and coding with F68) was delivered today at our house damaged! She said the box and all the packing looked intact but that the machine looked like it was sent out from the company in damaged condition-- the control panel had a large fist-sized dent. The installer phoned "Randy" who is the SE rep for Miele, but Randy was most unhelpful and quickly copped an arrogant attitude. My wife spoke with Randy and she said it was very clear to her that he was trying to get rid of us at this point by refunding our money. He said our other option is to wait another 5 days for another machine to be sent out because "it is just too cost prohibitive to send out another machine any quicker than that". My wife questioned Miele's quality control as to how an obviously damaged machine could be shipped out and Randy told my wife he didn't like her attitude and again we should consider getting our money refunded. It is going to be ANOTHER long weekend without a dishwasher. The water had to be disconnected in the kitchen because the current LaPerla continues to leak so we are doing dishes in the bathroom.

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