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Mandolin for tomatoes? Blender, juicer recommendations?

11 years ago

I'm tired of uneven tomato slices. Is there such a thing as a mandolin that slices tomatoes? Or should I just use a tomato slicer? Do those things actually work?

I also need to get a new blender for my green smoothies. My B&D, which I loved for a long time, just started producing dark grey particles in the pitcher. I finally figured it must be gasket gunk, or some such, somehow creeping in from the bottom. Anyhow, I don't need any secret ingredients.

I'm saving my pennies for a nice juicer. Wish the Jack LaLanne was as good as they claim. I'm cheap thrifty, love pulp in my juice and hate complicated cleaning. Is there a perfect juicer for me?

Much obliged for y'all's input. 8-]


Sophie ^i^

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