Cross-post what is the average builder/contractor's discount ?

13 years ago

We are at the stage where we get to pick out the appliances. I thought it was going to be a little less fustrating. We are looking at midrange GE apliances. I have a $7000 allowance, which I thought I could stay within budget. But when I picked out our appliances, being careful with my choices the price came back higher then I expected with no rhyme or reason to the discount.

This is from the small independant appliance store here. I was expecting about a 20 percent discount from MSRP and a break on sales tax. But they are offering when I add it up maybe a 14 percent discount and normal sales tax. When I asked about this they offered me a $500 mail in rebate? If I was truly getting a builder/contractor price wouldn't that already be included, without me jumping through hoops? Our builder will be paying them and usually works with them.

Sears is offering 20% off along with the rebate shouldn't they at least do that? So I guess I am asking what type of discount should I expect? Is there a discount in sales tax? Any tips you can offer me? Finally is my allowance unrealistic for midrange? Thank you for your input.

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