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Burning question about gas burners, BS, Wolf, Viking

11 years ago

Hi all,

Popping over to the appliance forum as my kitchen project nears and I have to make some decisions.

I'm replacing my beloved Kenmore Pro 36" cooktop with a range, and I'd like to have Wolf or Viking. BS isn't an option, b/c the nearest dealer/repairman is over 2 hours away.

My Kenmore has 6 burners, each of which is a different size. So, I never have a flame that's wider than the pot.

When I look at the 6 identically sized burners (I'm considering both sealed and open) on the Wolf and Viking, I'm a little confused. If I want to, say, bring a small pot of liquid to boiling with the burner on high, I'd have to place it on a burner that's way larger than the pot, and the flames would lick up the sides of the pot, seemingly overcooking around the circumference of the pot and wasting a lot of heat distribution.

But I *must* be mistaken...these ranges are so darn expensive!

Can someone please help me understand a little better? The salesman at the one store in my area that carries these 2 brands is just not knowledgable. I've searched for pics and watched all the online videos fro Wolf and Viking, and still don't have my answer as to whether this is actually a problem or not.

The only video I found addressing this question (kindly posted by a GWer) shows how the BS directs the heat perfectly for every size pan, and the Wolf has a giant ring of fire that directs the heat up the sides/outer perimeter of smaller pots and pans.

Thanks so much!!

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