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Looking for Lacanche owners in the San Jose/Bay area

7 years ago

Dear Gardenwebbers, I've been lurking (and occasionally posting) on the forum for a while. I'm shopping for a french style stove with pro features. We're deep in the throes of a full on remodel, and my husband is freaking out about costs.
I'm hoping to find a Fonteney, or something along that size Lacance with a coup de feu(french top) somewhere near me to visit, and hopefully watch/cook on. I've contacted Lacanche, and so far, nobody.
I had looked at and cooked on a Molteni,Officine Gullo, and even traveled to France to see the Rorgue. I've viewed the Bonnet, looked at BlueStar and Capital Culinarian. Checked out a slightly used Morice (which I considered buying, but it was the wrong color, and had an electric oven, and I need a gas one).
The Lacanche is about half the price of the aforementioned.I work part time as a private chef and am an avid home cooker and canner with a large family.
I'm concerned about the power on the Lacanche versus the stoves above, as well as the build quality-the showroom model I saw seemed kinda "tinny".
But the Lacanche has a great price point, looks gorgeous, and offers lots of options.
My biggest concern is the depth of the stove-my old Wolf is deeper and it's still not deep enough, but then again, it's a smaller unit, so maybe getting a bigger stove would help. Not sure how to reply/private message someone either, but my email is kissmeimirish16@gmail. Help!!Laura

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