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Buying appliances online?

16 years ago

When I renovated 3 baths a few years ago, I discovered the joy (and some issues) of ordering items from online vendors. I have some pretty unique items that all the KDs seem to love (in my baths) and I got some items at pretty significant discounts, even with shipping.

Now that I am about to redo the kitchen, I wonder whether I should consider online vendors for at least some of the appliances. I live in Northern VA, where you would think proximity to the nation's capital would yield variety. There is basically one pretty good family-owned store that I have dealt with for 15 years but they don't carry Miele or Monogram Advantium. Then there's Foremost, which according to a recent thread, may be going out of business.

I have had ups and downs with, but they have free shipping on most purchases and offer 8-10% off basically every weekend. That's pretty substantial on a Miele oven and DW. I see Gaggenau and Avantium ovens on E-bay all the time.

So, what's your experience? Is this risky?

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