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bluestar simmer burner - problematic? And other questions.

14 years ago

Is the simmer burner difficult to ignite and/or finnicky?

We just hooked one up, and it takes a long time to ignite (clicks for quite a while). When it does not work, sometimes when you turn the valve off and on again it works.

And why do all 4 burner ignitors activate when you only want to start one burner? Seems odd, or maybe a way to reduce costs by eliminating individual circuit wiring.

Do ignitors burn out over time from just usage?

How do I get a parts list for this range? My husband is thinking he should have one so he can order and replace parts on his own, this thing seems like it will cost a fortune to have it worked on.

When we did the burn off procedure, we found the left oven door hinge did not work as well as when the oven was cool. When closing, it made a bumping sound and had play in it. When the oven cooled down it stopped.

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